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Any current development plan for any project is subject to improvement, even a new project or investment that has a growth projection may suffer a process of planning, preparation, development and joint evaluation.

Strategic planning is the process by which variables are identified to improve and through the tracing and development of a work route, we proceed to seek the optimization of the entire process.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 9.18.56 PMWhat is not measured does not exist, therefore it is vital that in any strategic planning process, real goals are set, and these results are evaluated critically to seek the effectiveness of the processes.

Strategic plans can be established in the short, medium or long term.

A Startup is a new trend in business organization, based on the creation of a business system focused on developing products or services with innovative features, and exponential growth.

Normally the Startup concept is handled in the context of Development of computer technologies, Amazon, Apple, Google or Microsoft started from the garage of a house, but with a well- laid work plan.

Airbnb, Famous Startup that currently operates in more than 192 countries.

Uber, Famous Startup founded in 2008, currently has more than 15,000 employees, and appraisal approx. of $ 50B.

Aqua Security, Israeli Cybersecurity Startup that allows customers to secure their software infrastructure. Microsoft is one of the Investors and Hewlett Packard one of the Partners.

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Business Plan

Preparation of the Business Plan. Is a Must if you are thinking in funding. Summary and Objectives, Product Definition, Segment Definition, knowing where I am, knowing who I am and Where I Go, How I do it, Production, Operation, Marketing, Finance, ROI, Financial Projections, Proforma, etc.

There are several External finance Ways, like Angel Investors, FBA 7A Loans, etc

20% – 80% business planning Vs business development, Take a right decision if investing your time in Planning or Execution.

Set Vision statement, Core Values, Mission.

Marketing Plan

This is also important, Never forget it, your product should not only like you, it should like millions, maybe not now, but what about in couple years.

Evolution of technology, digital platforms, etc. is the main trend in the business industry.

Who is your competition? Take the time for evaluating your competitors from the A to the Z, if you don’t do that, for sure they are doing this with yours right now.

Are you on top of the wave? Or at least you see the Wave coming?

Bull Market / Bear Market, Set the correct momentum to be involved in your business project / startup.

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