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Paul Meleán Colombian engineer is a leading expert in strategic planning, management control and design improvement processes that increase the productivity of a company.

Skills that have earned him international recognition, working with companies of great importance in the industry, which has managed to specialize to the point of being able to advise others in the area.

Therefore, since 2006 it has been dedicated to business advice in different countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, Venezuela, England, Spain and the United States.

“Strategic planning is a systematic process, ie, step by step, which designs, develops, and implements action plans to achieve a common purpose,” he said engineer Paul Meleán reference of strategic planning in the world.

Notably, another important activity of engineer Paul Meleán as is the publication of three books that somehow complement their professional work as an advisor to success.

These books are  Manual of success in strategic planning your first business ,  strategic planning for the design, development and execution of business productivity tools , and finally,  strategic planning management tools for increased business productivity .

All published in 2018, they are considered a huge contribution to business communities.

Currently, the engineer Paul Meleán is an independent entrepreneur who is engaged in consulting corporate America, while construction and real estate business, commercial and residential developments in the United States that goes.